Monday, June 28, 2010

McDonald v. Chicago - Murder rate about to subside

NYT- Byrd was not a racist Grand Wizard

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stimulus Jobs for Health Care Reform (But not for you)

If you run a quick search for a stimulus bucks on you will likely find that you are not eligible for much. That would be because most of the money is offered up only to state and local governments to use in hiring their own government-dependent gooroos. Other money is apparently meant for specific hands- the application deadline is on the same day as grant is "announced."

Meanwhile, other jobs to be saved are those of community organizers who wish to study such things as "human or animal biosample baseline or exposure data (e.g., following natural or made-made disasters, health care policy changes; etc)."

Yes, you and "community-based organizations" with "historically black colleges" are offered the delightful task of gathering "human biosample baseline" data after "man-made disasters" and "health care policy changes." Seem a bit redundant there?

And I'm sure all information will be assessed objectively with no urges to stack the evidence in a way that would shine a positive light on the federal hand that feeds these researchers. I suppose, for instance, that the human condition as a whole would naturally have to improve once a federal takeover of healthcare was enacted by our dear leader. Well, that may be true as far as Obama's re-election equals the possibility of more wonderful stimulus grant jobs in the future.

Oh happy day. Hope. Change.

LINK TO THIS "GREAT OPPORTUNITY" AT GRANTS.GOV:;jsessionid=1j6RLT6phGLvTqFDZhgvkJJ4yDy6Qmcwh2dTvpVFFc6cnLNf2TvG!-403250835?oppId=51107&mode=VIEW

Friday, March 5, 2010

El Rushbo called it

My take back in August was that Obama was much like an emotionless machine programed by his creators (Alinski) to "terminate" America's position as the world's greatest superpower.

Today, Rush compared the health care bill to the Terminator from the first flick saying that "every time you kill it, every way you kill it, it keeps coming back in a new form."

Simply marvelous. Dittos, Maha Rushie.